What do we do with your information?

When you buy something from our designercollectoinstore, as a feature of the purchasing and offering process, we gather the individual data you give us, for example, your name, address and email address. Don’t take any tension your personal data is safe in our database management system.

Third-party services provider

Third party service provider used your information by us will only collect your location and contact information, which will help you drop your parcel to your desire location that you provide us at the time of buying product.

Age of consent

By utilizing this site, you speak to that you are at any rate the period of greater part in your state or area of home, or that you are the time of larger part in your state or region of living arrangement and you have given us your agree to enable any of your minor wards to utilize this site.

Your rights

You have the privilege to ask for data about the individual information we hang on you. In the event that your information is erroneous, deficient or unimportant you can request to have the data remedied or expelled.

In the event that you require additional data about our Privacy Policy, if you don’t mind go to the assistance area of the site where FAQs are replied. In the event that you require more data please send an email on moshinshah13420@gmail.com If you wish to converse with a Sapphire client mind delegate please call at +92 324 4522312